How does the rising of nationalism affect human migration?

December 7th 2016 | Navik Desai

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Nationalism vs. Patriotism

Nationalism and Patriotism may sound similar, but there is a difference. Being patriotic is being proud of your land and country. Being a nationalist is being proud of the way you live. That is why nationalsits want less foreigners coming into their country, because they don't want them to wreck the way they live. Nationalists believe that their country is the best country in the world. Nationalists do not care if their country does a bad thing; they believe in their country no matter what. Nationalists will deny or come up with an excuse if their country did a wrong thing. As Charles de Gualle said: "Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first." The quote means that being patriotic is looking at the glass half full and being a nationalist is like looking at the glass half empty.

Potential Issues

The potential issues for the world because of the rise of nationalism is that there will be lots of fighting, maybe even a war. The world is becoming a less multicultural place because people are worried because they belive that their life style is the best and they must protect it; they don't want to be open-minded to other countries' cultures and beliefs. Because of the rising of the nationalists, in the future, human migration may change and people will have to stay seperate and will not be allowed to communicate or learn about things other people do. There is already some of that in the US right now because of Donald Trump's victory for the President of America. He wants to ban Muslims because he feels just because some Muslims are bad people, all of them are dangerous, because citizens may feel unsafe. These citizens are being prejudice and not being friendly or kind to the Muslims and don't want to learn anything about them or share their religion. This topic is causing nationalists to be racist. The most common issue in America right now is the wall that Donald Trump is making, bordering America and Mexico. He is banning Mexicans unfairly and this has caused a rise in racism and nationalism. Doing that affects immagration between America and Mexico. Trump must think his country is so great that other countries have to be servants because he wants Mexico to pay for the wall. If he wants to build it, he should use the money that America has.

Other Countries

We have heard that in America there is a huge rise in nationalism. We have heard how and why. But there are still lots of other counties that have a rise of nationalsim. They are saying that Canada is one of the only multicultural countries left in the world, but that could change. I will now tell you about other countries that have a rising of nationalism.

The United Kingdom

The first one is a well known country which is the UK. In June, the citizens of UK had the right to vote if they wanted to leave or stay in the EU (European Union). The EU is a Union that a lot of countries in Europe are a part of. France and Grermany created the EU to ensure that they will not fight again after WW2. When you join the EU, if you migrate to other countries in the EU, you will be allowed with no trouble; you will not need a special visa to get through. Great Britten joined the EU in 1972. But the citizens voted to leave the EU. This process was called the Brexit.The reason why they decided to leave was because they didn't want people from other countries coming in easily who couldn't speak the same language or celebrate the same things. They were unhappy because lots of the other Europeans were taking up jobs in the UK and citizens of the country couldn't get a job. The British people were not happy with this and now the UK is out of the EU. But unlike America, the United Kingdom citizens was not encouraged to leave the EU by the Prime Minister. In fact, the Prime Minister, David Cameron, wanted the UK to stay in the EU. When the results came in for the Brexit votes and the people who wanted to leave won, David Cameron quit his job.

There is a rise of nationalism in a lot of other countries, a lot being in Europe. Some of them are....


The simple result for all of this rise of nationalism is that every citizen of a country is banned from going to other countries and you must stay were you live. You will never get to experience other places or the lifestyle in them. The 2nd result could be a War between countries. Perhaps World War III. It may lead to frusturation and tension between countries and every country in the world will be involved. The feeling of this may sound scary but the third result may calm you down. It is that the countries may realize that what they are doing and what they are expressing is wrong and the world may have peace. People will be more open-minded and countries will be multicultural.

Here is a photo of the percentage of foreigners born in the country.

As you can see, the percentage goes up by a fair amount in 15 years in most countries. More people are trying to live a better life in other countries and countries like India are not countries you want to live in. That is a reason why the percentage went down.

Soon the percentage of foreigners born in another country will go down because the nationalists don't want foreigners in their country.

In some perspectives, the rise of nationalsim is a great thing, but in others it is not.

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